Games for your entertainment

An assortment of games I have made over the years, put online here for you to enjoy.

Now and then, I find the time to make a small game, that I enjoy playing for a while. I am not a professional game developer, so my assumption after making a game is, that I am probably the only one interested in playing it. With this said, I have made games before that have been on Kongregate, but not with much response. So for me, game development is only a hobby.

On this part of my website, I will share some of the games I have made, so that I can play them when I am not infront of my own computer, but also so you, who ever you might be, can give them a go. No matter what, I hope you will have a good time trying the games, and that when you leave this page, you will do it with a smile and a wish to come back.

Webcomics Car Game

This is a game I made back in 2011. It is written in ActionScript 3, and was my first go at making something in the language. If you like comic style look and simple setup, give it a try.

Webcomics Car Game